The OPML Editor got category routing today

This is a small feature with a big footprint, and lots of R&D behind it, and a chance of changing blogging. It's that remarkable an idea. So listen up, please. ;->

1. It's part of the blogging tool, but you can actually use it with any outline edited with the OPML Editor.

2. To use it, you create an outline of categories, your own personal taxonomy. You edit this outline by clicking on the new Categories button in the blog editing window. Screen shot.

3. When you click the button an outline pops up. Initially it's empty. Add something like this. You don't have to use my headlines. Use names of family members. Or topics you like to write about. This is just for experimental purposes. Don't give it too much thought.

4. When you're ready, click the Rebuild button. It rebuilds the pop-up menu that you'll see in the next step.

5. Now bring your blog outline to the front, click on any line, and right-click. A pop-up menu appears, with the topics you entered in your outline. Choose one. Save. Build RSS. Congratulations -- you just routed the post to a category!

6. How do I know? Look at the RSS feed. Scroll to the post. (Here's an example from my feed.) See how there's a category element in it? It's simple, loosely joined, and (imho) cooooool.

7. You can add as many categories as you like. It also shows up in the OPML.

8. There's already software that watches for these category elements, like Technorati and probably Feedster and PubSub.

9. Does it work with podcasts? Of course!

10. What else? Lots. Category-routing is a key feature for lots of new apps. First let's make sure this works, then we can talk about next steps.

11. To get the new version, choose Get Latest Code from the Community menu. Your comments, questions, kudos, accolades, etc are welcome.

12. Happy Independence Day.

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