I couldn't figure out why I had to klooge things up to get the kernel to call the webserver in dotOpml.root, and I needed to figure it out tonight (I'm working on a new tool that has a web interface) and lo and behold there was the problem.

At the top of the "condition" routine, it checks to see if the code is running in Frontier. To do so it asks if it's not running in Radio. There's the problem. Now that there's an OPML Editor, it's possible for code to be running in something other than Frontier that's not Radio.

So I updated the code, in such a way that it can run in all versions of the kernel. It would be helpful if people responsible for the other versions could include this in their distributions. I'm in touch with Jake at UserLand for this, and it would be nice if someone on the Frontier-Kernel list would pick it up for inclusion there.

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Tell me what to buy!

I'm using this Mac, iBook G4, it's become my primary computer, and while there are things I like about it, for the most part it's inadequate for the work I do. It's slow, the screen is hard to read, and the internal hard disk is tiny. But the thing that kills me, even with 1GB of memory is that it's so incredibly slow.

I'm ready to move up to something nicer. I want a desktop, I think. With a huge screen. And I want something that has no delays while typing, and one I can load more than three or four apps in memory at the same time.

I just want to spend money and buy something nice. Seems that should be easy!

Tell me what to buy and I'll order it today. ;->

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