Videoblogs in MP4 format?

Okay, I know this is a dumb question, but that's what I do here, ask dumb questions, and what you do is answer them, patiently, with good humor. ;->

I have this new video iPod, and thanks to a software glitch or cosmic ray or something, I'm on the east coast and all my content is on the west coast. Now here I am with no cool MP4s to show this thing off and I want to do some demos in NYC tomorrow, so I need something to show off!

So, I've been tuning out the whole video blog and video podcast thing, but now I have to quickly find some good stuff that's not too huge to download to this thing. No I don't want to demo Apple's $1.99 deal with ABC. I want stuff created by people for people.

So if you know of any good video podcasts in MP4 format, please post a note here. Thanks and Happy holiday!

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