How to prepare Mac icons for OPML nodetypes

I'm taking notes here as I prepare the icons for the "include" nodetype. Dan MacTough has prepared the Windows bitmap, and he may possibly write a howto for the Windows side of things.

1. Use a Macintosh resource editor to prepare a resource file containing 4 bitmaps, a small 8-bit icon, a small 4-bit icon, and a small 1-bit mask. Save it to your hard disk.

2. Bring the OPML Editor to the front, and import this script, clicking on OK to the dialog that appears. It loads into workspace.getNodeTypeIcons.

3. Run the script. Choose the file created in step 1. A table opens containing the three bitmaps. Select all and copy.

4. Open the nodetype table you're working on, and paste the icons into the "mac" sub-table. Save.

5. Quit the OPML Editor and relaunch. That should do it.

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