How to bring to front on startup on Windows?

Note: The problem described here has been solved. Read the comments (after reading the post, please) to find out what was done. Thanks to Don Park and Dave Luebbert for the solution!

In the spirit of documenting our programming work openly whenever possible, here's a question for Dave Luebbert who is working with me on the outliner, and anyone else who's inclined to poke around the Frontier source.

When the program launches it's only accessible through the Windows system tray. This behavior makes sense for Frontier and Radio, but not for the OPML editor.

It should come to the front when it's launched. I tried adding a call to Frontier.bringToFront to the startup script, thinking that would do it, but it doesn't.

If you could look through the source to see how it should be done, and if there is no way to do it, let's figure one out. My guess is that the code is still there because before 2002, that's how Radio and Frontier worked.

Basically it's something the startup script should be able to do, no need to decide at the kernel level if the app should come to the front on launch.

Please respond here publicly... Thanks!

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